Top 10 Dog Grooming Services in Brighton, VIC

Dan Garza

As a devoted business journalist with an affinity for all things canine, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some of the best dog grooming services in Brighton, VIC. My paws-on experience and chats with fellow dog owners have given me insight into the crème de la crème of the dog grooming world right here in the heart of Victoria. Here are the top 10 dog grooming establishments that will ensure your furry friend looks and feels their absolute best.

Petiquette Cartel

Address: 2/657 Nepean Hwy, Brighton East VIC 3187
Phone: 0449 913 562
Amenities: Dog Grooming 
Known for: Exquisite Pet Grooming Services

Stepping into Petiquette Cartel is akin to entering a world where canine couture meets expert care. The meticulous attention to detail and the calming ambience set the stage for a grooming experience like no other. Here, each snip and brush stroke is executed with precision, ensuring your pooch is pampered and styled to perfection. The glowing testimonials from regulars, coupled with the groomers’ passion for excellence, easily place Petiquette Cartel at the top of this list. It’s no wonder that tails wag non-stop from the moment they trot in until they strut out, looking dapper and feeling divine.

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Petstock Brighton East

Address: 895 Nepean Hwy, Bentleigh VIC 3204, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9498 1777
Amenities: Comprehensive Pet Services
Known for: One-Stop Shop for Pet Needs

Petstock Brighton East is a bustling hub where grooming is just the tip of the iceberg. With an impressive review count and a high average rating, this place is renowned for its exceptional service. The skilled groomers at Petstock understand that each dog is unique, and their expertise in handling a diverse clientele is evident. Beyond grooming, the establishment offers a variety of pet services and products, making it a convenient destination for pet owners.

DOGUE Brighton

Address: 156 Martin St, Brighton VIC 3186, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9596 0048
Amenities: Boutique Dog Care
Known for: Stylish Grooming and Day Care

DOGUE Brighton boasts a chic boutique atmosphere that caters to the modern pet owner’s desires. With a keen eye for canine fashion and a gentle touch for grooming, DOGUE stands out for its ability to provide a comprehensive and stylish experience for pets. The friendly staff, coupled with the store’s eye-catching array of pet accessories, ensures that every visit is memorable.

Alana’s Dog Grooming (Dumaresq St location)

Address: 3 Dumaresq St, Brighton East VIC 3187, Australia
Phone: +61 435 429 926
Amenities: Personalised Grooming Services
Known for: Attentive and Customised Care

Alana’s Dog Grooming, situated quaintly in Brighton East, is the epitome of personalised care. The establishment doesn’t just groom your dog; it provides a tailored experience that takes into account your pup’s individual needs and comfort. The glowing 5-star rating is a testament to the satisfaction of both canines and their human companions.

Doggies Day Out Dog Grooming

Address: 67A Patterson Rd, Bentleigh VIC 3204, Australia
Phone: +61 403 418 835
Amenities: Full-Service Grooming
Known for: Comprehensive Grooming and Care

Doggies Day Out Dog Grooming is a favourite among local pet owners for its comprehensive grooming services. The groomers here are known for their thoroughness and ability to make every dog look their best. With a solid rating and a loyal customer base, it’s clear that this grooming salon is doing something right.

Bayside Dog Grooming Salon

Address: shop 4/507 Bluff Rd, Hampton VIC 3187, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9598 2007
Amenities: Professional Grooming Services
Known for: High-Quality Grooming in a Friendly Environment

Bayside Dog Grooming Salon is a sanctuary for dogs requiring a touch of class. The groomers here are not only proficient in their craft but also provide a warm, welcoming environment that puts both dogs and owners at ease. With a commendable average rating, Bayside is a firm favourite in the community.


Address: 139A Gardenvale Rd, Gardenvale VIC 3185, Australia
Phone: +61 423 069 067
Website: N/A
Amenities: Boutique Grooming Experience
Known for: Tailored Grooming and Top-Tier Service

Kloud9pet is a hidden gem among Brighton’s grooming parlours, specialising in bespoke grooming services that cater to the individual personalities of each pet. The groomers here are adept at creating a serene and lavish experience for your canine, ensuring they leave not just looking but feeling rejuvenated. With an impeccable 5-star rating, it’s clear that Kloud9pet is adored by its discerning clientele.

Mobile pet groomer Honey & the pooch

Phone: +61 407 173 539
Amenities: Convenient Mobile Service
Known for: Personalised, At-your-doorstep Grooming

Honey & the pooch takes the hassle out of dog grooming by bringing the salon to you. This innovative mobile grooming service is celebrated for its convenience and personalised attention. Their impressive 4.8-star rating speaks volumes about the quality and care provided to every furry client.

Jim’s Dog Wash

Address: 4 Lonsdale Ave, Hampton East VIC 3188, Australia
Phone: +61 483 092 411
Amenities: Comprehensive Care and Grooming
Known for: Reliable, High-Quality Service

Jim’s Dog Wash is part of a well-known franchise, yet it still manages to maintain a local, friendly touch that resonates with pet owners. The groomers here are renowned for their reliability and high-quality service, ensuring your pooch enjoys a comfortable and thorough grooming session. With a perfect 5-star rating from satisfied customers, Jim’s Dog Wash secures its spot on this list.

Alana’s Dog Grooming

Phone: +61 435 429 926
Amenities: Expert Grooming Services
Known for: Excellence in Canine Styling

Alana’s Dog Grooming makes a second appearance on this list, which is no surprise given the establishment’s reputation for excellence in canine styling. Although the address is not listed, the phone number leads to a dedicated professional, ready to provide top-notch grooming for your dog. This groomer’s ability to consistently deliver impeccable results cements their place as a go-to for dog owners seeking the best in grooming services.

Each of these dog grooming services in Brighton, VIC, has been carefully evaluated based on firsthand experience and feedback from customers who have seen their pets transformed. These establishments not only specialise in making your dog look fabulous but also ensure their well-being and comfort are prioritised. Whether your furry friend needs a quick trim or a full makeover, you can trust these top dog groomers to deliver an exceptional experience for both you and your beloved pet.


Dan Garza

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